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In Konkan Coast Pirate Solutions, you follow the story of an aspiring startup in the Pirate Industry. They have developed the SimEngine technology, and are hoping to make it big.

The SimEngine is a cutting-edge piece of technology that allows you to set up and run simulations on the high seas. You start off by placing some commands on the simulation board, and then you see how the ships interact. Once the simulation starts, you cannot change the commands, so you have to figure out how the ships behave with commands, and with each other, so that they can cater to various pirate shenanigans.

Explore the different mechanics and see how you would do as a consultant in the pirate industry. Head to the link below, and you can start playtesting right away. Let me know what you think, and have fun.

The game is currently in a playtest state.

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KonkanCoastPirateSolutions_v0.6.zip 3 MB

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